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**** CURRENT STATUS **** – SizzlePuck is currently in product testing on the ponds and at the rinks. We want to be sure that we work out any performance issues so we can deliver an awesome light up puck for the Sizzlers! We appreciate the patience while we work through the details and testing. Please sign up to get a notification once we have pucks in stock. Also check back on this page and we will provide updates as we progress.

SizzlePuck has 10 color modes in 1 light up hockey puck that is fully-sealed, feels like a real vulcanized rubber hockey puck and is rechargeable using a QI wireless charger. A magnet turns the puck on/off and allows you to toggle through to select your favorite color. Perfect for night skates and a great way to engage your players. Light the lamp and the night…’s time to LIGHT IT UP!

SOLID MODE – Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Teal, Purple, Pink, White.

MULTI MODE – 1 second on each color and loops through all 9 colors above.

MAGNETIC SENSOR CONTROLS – Use a magnet to turn the puck on/off and to toggle through the color and brightness mode options. Just hold the magnet on the center of the puck to turn the puck on/off and change brightness modes. Tap the magnet on the center of the puck to toggle through the different colors. Magnet holds = on/off and when on, toggle from high to low brightness mode. Magnet taps when on = toggles the colors. Magnet tap when off = battery level indicator.

WEIGHT – Weighs the same as a standard hockey puck. (5.5-6oz)

RATING – It is best used on the Pond. It can take great impact but the repeated impact of a hard shot against solid boards can take its toll on the puck over time. The puck can be used in cold temperatures down to 0F/-17C

PERFORMANCE – The weight and slick surface of the puck feels a lot like a real vulcanized rubber puck when on the ice and on drylands tiles.

RECHARGEABLE WIRELESS BATTERY – Charge the puck using any QI compatible wireless charger. Most customers already have a QI charger available but if not we sell these separately.

FULLY SEALED – No need to worry about loosing plugs or damaging ports.

PUCK BATTERY LEVEL INDICATOR – By tapping a magnet on the center of the puck when off, a series of flashing lights will turn on to indicate battery level. It is always recommended to fully charge your puck before each use:

  • 8 Green Flashes = 75-100%
  • 4 Green Flashes = 50-75%
  • 3 Yellow Flashes = 25-50%
  • 2 Red Flashes = 0-25%

LIGHT TIME – Depending on the ambient temperature, ice temperature and color selected. The puck can be in play for 2.5-6 hours. This list is in order of most optimal color time. With Teal having the longest on time and yellow having the lowest on time. Teal, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange, Multi, White, Yellow

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Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Walter G

    Pretty Neat Concept. Excited for it to be in stock.

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